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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Mini Movie Review: Nina (2016) #badmovies


Made in conjunction with Ealing Studios, West London (I was originally based in Ealing), 2016's Nina made headlines for controversial reasons, as well as infuriating long-time fans of Nina Simone when light-skinned, Black Latina Zoe Saldana was cast to play the famous African-American singer. It was made in 2012, got postponed until 2016 when it was finally released. Amidst all the controversey it courted & so-called hype Nina generated, this turned out to be a misfire. Besides being heavily distracted by the awful Dark Black-face make-up on Zoe Saldana, she was terribly miscast, along with a strange accent that she puts on and thus, for me, Adepero Oduye of Pariah, who bears more of a resemblance to Simone, would have been the better choice to play the self-titled character. And as much as she tries, Saldana cannot capture Nina's singing voice and the story was a bore, lifeless and not very entertaining. I felt like the film skipped the interesting parts of her life & whenever Nina lost her temper, the film tried to play on that a lot, which was annoying. This is another so-called ill-conceived music biopic that joins the Aaliyah biopic, which was also given the low-budget treatment - much to the detriment of its fans. 

Is it worth watching?



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