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Saturday, 31 March 2018

Mini Retro Review: Extreme Ops (2002) #badmovies

Extreme Ops

What happens when you mix extreme sports with Cliffhanger, yet remove all the amazing stunts and action scenes, tension, as well as Sly Stallone, John Lithgow and a decent support cast and replace them with a Z-movie cast including Pete Sampras's wife, Rufus Sewell, playing the evil British guy & former Eastenders cast member Joe Absolom, who appeared in the British soap opera? Well, you get this. And it's not good. At all. Even with the action sequences, it's so excruciatingly flat. When a crew are filming an advert, some terrorists hijack a ski resort and the snowboarders, skiers etc pit together to foil their plans. It doesn't even attempt to be entertaining in the slightest with no charisma characters and the terrorists don't attempt to kill them until the last 15 mins. Some fancy snowboarding skills besides, it is brash, the plot is dull and unless you are an avid fan of Extreme Sports, there is nothing else here on show worth seeing. It seems it seeks to exist to display some amazing stunt work, and nothing more. & I was bored watching this. 

Is It Worth Watching?

Not unless you are into Extreme Sports


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