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Friday, 25 May 2018

Mini Retro Review: Excessive Force II: Force On Force (1995) #badmovies

Excessive Force II: Force On Force

This film isn't completely terrible - it's just largely ineffective, bland and an undemanding Z-movie actioner and sequel to the original Excessive Force, which is supposedly better than this film. An ex-special forces op is left for dead, only she isn't and she seeks revenge against her ex-boyfriend bad guy, Lydell. Its notable names are Teri J. Vaughn of The Steve Harvey Show and some Black guy actor from the Martial Law TV show. Stacie Randall tries her best, but she is no Cynthia Rothrock. James Lee of Big Trouble in Little China has a cameo role, as well as a hand in the fight choreography. Dan Gauthier of the atrocious softcore thriller, Illegal In Blue is also in this one as the hammy a******e bad guy in this movie, but he just can't sell it as a villain. The slow-motion editing in this movie is iffy, the action sequences are meh, there is a needless sex scene and the martial arts fight scenes are not good in general, but serviceable at best at DTV level. Alas, it's worth giving it a miss.

Is It Worth Watching?

Not really


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