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Thursday, 10 May 2018

No So Mini Retro Review: Cop & A Half (1993) #badmovies

Cop & A Half
Buddy Cop Comedy

An emphatically joyless and humourless buddy cop comedy that was rated highly by Roger Ebert: a film reviewer and critic whose many other reviews and scores of other movies I have disagreed with on many occasions. With Cop & A Half, this is already regarded by many as one of his worst ratings when he granted the film 3 stars out of 4. 

8-year-old Devon is a fan of cops shows and he dreams of being a cop. When Devon witnesses a murder at a warehouse, he becomes a key witness and later teams up with a cop, Nick (Burt Reynolds), who is saddled with Devon, whilst he goes out looking to bust a drug lord/dealer. 

Directed by Happy Days The Fonz himself, Henry Winkler, what he ever saw in the script for him to take it up, is something I'd want to know. I disliked Cop & A Half even more so than Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot, which has the same premise, only that has the granny in place of a young black kid, alongside the grumpy cop. It features a charmless yet so-called annoying child character and a star in Burt Reynolds, who wishes he was somewhere else but in this flop. But hey, he did sign up to this, so he must take some of the blame. There is little here for children to take a keen interest in, whilst adults, like myself, will feel this is nothing but a waste of time. It was wasting so much of my time, it was killing my brain cells. Suddenly, I turned it off after 30 mins.

Poor humour and comedy, Burt Reynolds cannot do out & out comedy properly & the script is terrible. This film was so incredibly tame, bad and tedious. 

Is it worth watching?

Not really


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