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Thursday, 15 September 2016

84 Blog Post Ideas

No matter which blogging platform you decide to opt with, Blogger, Wordpress or Tumblr or recent additions, Ghost & Medium and despite that blogs and blogging has fallen out of favour with most people, there is still something about having a space dedicated to expressing your thoughts, ideas, passions, opinions free from adverts and tons of social networking and media status updates that is your very own. Having been a blogger for almost 3 or 4 years now, I've been getting the hang of it and understanding how it all works out. I guess it also helps as I used to study media studies and journalism at college and university and so, the writing aspect of it, particularly with regards to blogging is nothing new to me. Though I am still discovering things I haven't managed to get round doing, as well as with all the technical stuff with blogging that I haven't managed to grasp, I am still finding things to post. I am a blogger, not a journalist, nor a writer. 

For the past couple of months, I've been focusing a lot on movie reviews and films that I have seen and for what its worth, it has given me lots of pleasure and interest, as well as given me something to blog about. In addition to having more appreciation for movies, far more so than I'd originally did. 

Below are 83 ideas to get you off the ground and running when it comes to blogging. 

Whether you are interested in the idea of blogging, but don't know where to start, is currently a blogger but experiencing writers block, or you need more ideas to get you out of a recent slump, these ideas should give you some food for thought, as well as inspiration. 

  1. movie, TV show, song, video game, book reviews
  2. comprehensive guide or tutorial
  3. nothing but GIF and JPG animated images 
  4. photo/image post 
  5. inspirational or motivational story
  6. travel/holiday experiences
  7. short stories or fiction - or write a chapter for a story one day, the next chapter, 2 or 3 days later
  8. top 10, 20, 30 lists
  9. favourite lists - movies, food, celebrities, TV shows, songs, video games whatever they may be
  10. 'do you ever wonder?' - post on things you noticed that nobody has figured out already
  11. comparison of two or 3 characters, TV shows, books, talk about their differences
  12. essays
  13. recipe ideas
  14. personal stories
  15. a celebrity who has influenced you and why
  16. case studies
  17. art, drawings, fan art - be sure to give credit to the artist as well
  18. start a poll
  19. 'what character/movie are you?' personality quiz with ABC options
  20. list of personal goals you want to achieve in the next 5 or 10 years and give explanations for each one
  21. a blog post about a past experience of yours and what you have learned since then
  22. unknown facts about a particular topic
  23. an obituary or memorium about someone who has passed away
  24. dreams or wishes you have
  25. movie and TV show ideas 
  26. cast an actor or actress in a movie that you have thought of and made up by yourself
  27. dream places you want to visit someday 
  28. an important lesson you have learned today or in your life
  29. posting your memorabilia collection
  30. 'about me' post - more detail about yourself, where you are from, your family, work etc
  31. 'how to' post - how to do a certain task with step by step instructions
  32. comment on a topic of the day
  33. a particular subject -like an educational subject and what you want people to know about it
  34. pros and cons post 
  35. parenting tips or advice
  36. race and culture 
  37. why you started blogging? what made you take it up in the first place? why you enjoy doing it?
  38. things you want to achieve or do before you die 
  39. a Q & A post
  40. list of favourite quotations 
  41. sharing and recommending your favourite mobile apps
  42. favourite restaurants/meals 
  43. favourite movie characters and why
  44. wishing yourself a happy birthday
  45. a post once a year about your blogging and how it has developed
  46. ultimate lists
  47. A-Z lists 
  48. shout out to your readers and visitors, thanking them for viewing your posts
  49. favourite mobile apps
  50. before and after beauty and makeover photos
  51. giveaway competition
  52. a movie that you enjoyed when you were younger that you view it in a different light as an adult, state what things you like or dislike about it in the present day 
  53. poetry and poems
  54. compare and contrast WordPress vs Blogger vs Tumblr - advantages and disadvantages about each platform
  55. designs on products or things
  56. review on a food item or meal you just ate 
  57. comment on a particular news story of the day
  58. a TV show you watched last night
  59. best of list
  60. surveys
  61. timeline 
  62. post on what you did during the weekend or holiday
  63. a made up story written in first- person
  64. a character study from a movie or TV show
  65. favourite movie quotes 
  66. talk about your career or job
  67. favourite YouTube videos
  68. what skills and personal qualities and attributes do you possess and which ones that you wished you'd had, but don't possess
  69. parody posts
  70. a post about a character from a movie or TV show and tie it with a particular subject or issue
  71. if you could invite 5 people to dinner - living or deceased, who would they be and why?
  72. hobbies or interests that you are involved in and why you enjoy them
  73. a concert or event you recently attended, did you enjoy it or not and why?
  74. humour and satirical post
  75. 'why you should/shouldn't' post 
  76. 3 wishes
  77. best piece of advice 
  78. how to save money tips 
  79. about your school and college experiences - positive or negative 
  80. your dream job
  81. if you were to go back in time, what things would you do differently
  82. choose an emotion and write a few paragraphs about it with examples illustrating each one
  83. favourite funny quotes or lines 
  84. how to improve a video game, TV series, movie 

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