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Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Mini Retro Review: All About The Benjamins (2002) #badmovies

All About The Benjamins
Genre: Action Comedy

A black version of Midnight Run, All About The Benjamins fails as an action movie and a comedy, as most of the humour falls flat and the action is minuscule. Ice Cube and Mike Epps were far more effective in the comedy, Next Friday. This is mostly loud, brash and not very entertaining with a plot that doesn't attempt to go anywhere. The villains have no personalities. And there isn't a scene where one character isn't shouting. The number of times the F-word is blurted out is constant and most of the time, it is unfunny. Though All About The Benjamins is made for and is targeted at Black audiences by black filmmakers, as a movie itself, it just wasn't enjoyable enough.

Is It Worth Watching?

If you are into Black movies and comedies, and you are a huge fan of Ice Cube then yes


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