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Saturday, 17 August 2019

Mini Retro Review: Barb Wire (1996) #badmovies

Barb Wire
Sci-Fi Action

Barb Wire's claim to fame, besides a starring role for Baywatch and Playboy's Pamela Anderson, is it is noted for being one of the worst comic book-based movies of all-time. Some poor acting, it sort of rips off and riffs on Mad Max with that post-apocalyptic theme whilst it also mixes in Casablanca, there is a fat guy in a black leather bondage outfit and there is too little good action and the rest is a total bore. There is just nothing here that I haven't seen before that blows me away. There are some bad-sounding accents, the action isn't that grand, to be honest, and some overacting that is cringeworthy. The film's box office bomb resulted in the original Barb Wire comic books to be discontinued. Catwoman may be lauded by many as the most notoriously worst female comic book flick - yet this movie outdoes it. But even worse, it is unbelievable bland. Yet, it could have been titled, Boob Wire - & that would have sounded crap. 

Is it worth watching?:

Not really


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