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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Cast The X-Men With Photos part 2

Second part of my cast the X-Men wish-list. I omitted Wolverine and Gambit from the list: Wolverine, because Hugh Jackman IS Logan and it is the role that best defines his status as a Hollywood movie star. I couldn't think of anyone else at the moment who could play Wolverine other than Hugh. Gambit was another character I was totally unsure of, and no I didn't go with Channing Tatum. So I left him off. Should I find other actors who could play Wolverine and Gambit, I will make another list and add them.

But for now, these are my selections.

Chloe Grace Moretz (of Kick-Ass) as Magik 
Born February 10, 1997 

Maggie Q as Karma
Born May 22, 1979

Actress and model who achieved international fame on CW's Nikita. Maggie was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. Her father is of Irish and Polish descent & her mother is Vietnamese. X- Men mutant X'ian (pronounced as Shan) aka Karma was born in the central highlands of Vietnam.


Cillian Murphy as Banshee
Born May 25, 1976

Lady Gaga as Dazzler
Born March 28, 1986 

Real name Alison Blaire, Dazzler was originally developed as a cross-promotion between Casablanca Records and Marvel Comics, until the tie-ins were dropped in 1980. Originally commissioned as a Disco singer, the character shifted to other musical styles, including rock and Adult Contemporary pop. Was briefly a member of Excalibur but since re-joined the X-Men.

As much as this sounds silly and yes, you may laugh, having pop star Lady Gaga play a pop star/superheroine, makes a lot of sense from a casting point of view.


Ian Somerhalder as Cyclops 
Born December 8, 1978


Amy Adams as Jean Grey 
Born August 20, 1974

Michael C Hall as Beast
Born February 1, 1971


Christina Hendricks as Rogue 
Born May 3, 1975


Marisa Quinn as Mirage

Nathan Jones as Juggernaut
Born August 21, 1970


Rinko Kikuchi as Armor
Born January 6, 1981 

Japanese actress whose Western works include Babel and Guillermo Del Toro's 2013 sci-fi flick, 'Pacific Rim' alongside Idris Elba.


Serena Varghese as Summer Omega Sentinel
Born October 10, 1981

Actress and voice actress of Indian descent born in Houston, Texas.

Rodrigo Santoro as Sunspot 
Born August 22, 1975

Brazilian- American actor who appeared in movies such as Love Actually, Rio and was a regular on ABC drama, Lost.

Chiwetel Ejifor and Rachel McAdams as Cloak and Dagger
Chiwetel was born on July 10, 1977, Rachel was born on November 17, 1978 

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