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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

I've Got 99 Asian Problems

Ok, maybe not 99 of them, but here are some of them that resonate with me, in particular....

  • Being asked where you are from or what you are ethnically
  • 'Where are you from?', (my answer: London), 'no, like where are your parents from?' (my answer: my mum's from China and my dad's from Hong Kong)

  • Your parents want you to be the perfect grade - A student
  • Your parents only want you to become a lawyer, doctor (curse you Grey's Anatomy, ER, no not really), accountant, IT person, and not become an actor, singer, dancer, artist

  • Being given a dumb Asian nickname by your parents
  • Your parents judge your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or friends because they are a different race or ethnicity to you
  • Your parents only want you to marry a person, who is the same race as you and thus, don't want you to marry a Black, White, Latino person 
  • Going to a family reunion and barely knowing anyone there
  • Not knowing how to speak your native language well
  • Experiencing native Asians picking on you because you are were not born in an Asian country, technically meaning you're not 'Asian enough'
  • You can't dress up as a superhero for Halloween or fancy dress without being an Asian Superman, Captain America or Wonder Woman
  • Being asked if you know math(s) and to help them with their math(s) homework

  • Your parents buy you only Jade - related jewellery, bracelets and bangles, earrings and necklaces 
  • If you are of Chinese origin, people ask if you are Japanese (I get this all the time) & vice - versa with Japanese, Korean
  • 'What type of Asian are you?' - actually, it's good they ask of this, as they are asking a specific question which deserves a specific answer
  • Asians eat dogs - I don't. Never have done and never will
  • Being asked to read or write Chinese, Japanese, Korean and yet you can't - I can't read Chinese
  • 'How do you say (enter a phrase or saying) in Chinese, Japanese etc?'
  • You must be good at karaoke - I like a sing-a-long, but I wouldn't go on American Idol or X Factor or become a singer 
  • Being labelled submissive or passive and not being able to answer back  
  • 'You Asians are so smart' #1 - yet this doesn't account for say, the lack of positive Asian representations and characters appearing in the media, movies and TV
  • 'You Asians are so smart' #2'- and yet we read of cases of young Asians and Asian Americans committing suicide and killing themselves because of the pressures they face at home and by society
  • Because you are Asian and like drawing, some people assume you draw Manga and Anime characters. I draw a lot, but I do realistic art  
  • Because you are Asian and are into music, it's assumed you must be good at playing the violin or the piano 
Yeah so, model minority my arse 

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