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Monday, 3 August 2015

Selection of My Favourite Robin Williams Related Image Quotes Part 1

Another Robin Williams - based tribute post; this time I thought I would share with you some character-based picture quotes from Robin Williams's multitude of characters he has played throughout his career that I love from the web; I wanted to do one with inspirational and motivational quotes and another one with funny and humourous images and quotes. 

This is part 1 with the motivational quotes. 

*updated April 7 2016*

Mork - Mork and Mindy, source: Rebloggy 

Peter Banning/Peter Pan - Hook 

Sean Maguire - Good Will Hunting 

John Keating - Dead Poets Society 

Genie - Aladdin 

Jack - Jack 

Randolf Smiley - Death to Smoochy 

Armand Goldman - The Birdcage

What Dreams May Come - I'm not a fan of this movie, but it had some good quotes

Patch Adams 

Teddy Roosevelt - Night At The Museum Secret of the Tomb 

Collage by Maya Robinson 

Jack - Jack

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