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Saturday, 12 August 2017

Mini Retro Review: Hard Evidence (1995) #badmovies

Hard Evidence
Action Drama Thriller

A married man and real estate developer in Trent Turner is far from happy, thus choosing to neglect his wife so he can fool around with an attractive blonde bimbo bombshell, Deana who claims to sell medical supplies, just to sleep with him. During a trip to Vancouver, Trent shoots a DEA agent and discovers this woman that he is having an affair with, turns out to be a drug smuggler & he is framed for her murder. There is hardly any real tension felt, nor surprises and the story became more convoluted and not very believable, which is typical for a B/Z-movie. The protagonist is a ditz, he cheats on his wife with a woman, who is a criminal and the change in attitude, as she reveals her true colours by her is just ridiculous. The reveal of the murderer makes little sense. 

Is it worth seeing?

It's a typical thriller with the added sex, but the thrills aren't that great and for me with the unconvincing reveal towards the end, it's not worth sitting through again


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