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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Mini Retro Review: Insatiable Wives (2000) #badmovies

Insatiable Wives
Erotic Fantasy Drama 

This is a film about a woman who becomes sexually frustrated with her husband and as if by magic, she swaps places with her friends and has sex with their hubbies. As she does so, she is supposed to learn how to appreciate her husband more. Well, that is the idea but unfortunately, its actual intent, whatever that may be, is gone astray. This is nothing but a bunch of softcore sex scenes, drab and wooden dialogue and the acting performances by Z-list softcore porn performers are just pitiful and with an almost non-existent plot put together. I was so bored with the story, minus the sex scenes Insatiable Wives has virtually nothing going for it.

Is It Worth Seeing?

No, it is that bad


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