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Sunday, 13 August 2017

Mini Retro Review: Robowar (1988) #badmovies

Sci-Fi Action Horror

A film that tries to be a mash-up of Predator and the Terminator, Robowar is in many cases a brazen rip-off/clone of Predator without any of its conviction and it just feels like the director and writer were taking the mick, rather than pay tribute to Predator. One of the characters/actors is shouting their lines, the dialogue is dreadful with the F-word mentioned several times & one of the so-called protagonist douchebag characters coming across as homophobic as he mentions f**s and Aids in the same sentence. How original. The main guy has nothing on Arnie's character, Dutch. A copycat knock- off of Predator, minus any quality that went with it with terrible overacting and action sequences. The computerized voice sounds terrible with the mercenaries on the run from a robot and the robot guy looks like a Power Ranger.

Is It Worth Seeing?

As interesting as the premise sounds, it's not


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