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Sunday, 29 October 2017

Mini Movie Review: Hard Target 2 (2016) #badmovies

Hard Target 2

The sequel to the highly successful John Woo action movie of 1993 with Jean-Claude Van Damme stars British martial arts action star, Scott Adkins. Hard Target 2 just reeks of a cheap & lazily produced offering. Adkins is a decent actor and the ideal movie, in my eyes, is one that has him team up with Jason Statham and the pair kick ass as a good guy duo. I am just not so keen on the production values in this one, it's too overdone in the B-movie vein, I'd have preferred to see Rhona Mitra on the same side as Adkins, instead of being the villain. There is less fighting and the film would have made more sense if it had come out, 2 years or so after the original. The fact they waited 23 years to do a sequel and minus Van Damme & John Woo, is just a big no-no. Adkins is okay, but he just didn't and wasn't able to go all out like Van Damme did, and Van Damme totally nailed it. In fact, none of the performances are anywhere near as good as ones in the first Hard Target. & actually, I could have done without the Thai girl & her brother. All in all, it's not actually terrible, but rather disappointing. 

Is It Worth Watching?

For the action scenes, as few, as they were, only


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