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Saturday, 28 October 2017

Mini Retro Review: The Crow Salvation (2000) #badmovies

The Crow Salvation
Supernatural Action

The third instalment in the much-maligned The Crow franchise, which after the massive success of the prequel starring the late Brandon Lee, spawned two needless sequels that went straight-to-DVD. And with that in mind, hardly anyone but staunch fans of the series cared. This film, which was written by the writer of The X-Files was due to hit cinemas, but it eventually debuted on home video. & seeing this, it's no wonder why it turned out to be that way. It stars Kirsten Dunst in one of her notable bombs of her career, who, given some of the high calibre of movies she has done (Jumanji, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Spider-Man 1 & 2), ought to have known better, and pre-Ugly Betty's Eric Mabius, years before he hit the big time on the ABC comedy show. 'Salvation' is more than less the first Crow film, virtually identical in almost every way but lacking a worthy and raw emotional story and believability that made the first movie so memorable, & not just for Brandon's performance. I never really bought Mabius as The Crow and he just doesn't possess that edge this character needs; having seen him in Ugly Betty as the nice guy, this role is too far-fetched. Brandon Lee had it, but with Mabius, he doesn't. The guy who played a reporter in Die Hard 2 is in this one, some of the music sounds bad, the violence is toned down and the action is not grand & the flashback scenes were a little iffy.

Is It Worth Watching?

Not really. Just stick with the first and foremost Crow film.


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