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Thursday, 19 October 2017

Mini Retro Review: Sinful Intrigue (1995) #badmovies

Sinful Intrigue
Erotic Thriller Drama

Skinimax softcore offering from the mid-1990s and a surprisingly bland affair also. A handyman gets in the way of a couple's marriage and he is suspected for a spate of attacks on good-looking women in the area. Apparently, the breasts in this film are fake, according to a comment I have come across on Amazon. But either way, the story is a total bore and the sex scenes, but for one of them, feel too borderline ordinary and aren't as erotic enough. The acting, especially from the lead actress, is just bad, like cardboard cut-out like and she looked like someone else who I saw in another film. With the way the actors deliver their lines, it's almost as if they are reading them off an autocue/teleprompter. No tension felt whatsoever, the twist towards the end feels tacky and lame, story is devoid throughout and I was bored senseless as I watched this.

Is It Worth Watching?

It just doesn't go very deep with the sex scenes and the rest of the film wasn't good. The sin of this film is there is no intrigue and hardly any real sex scenes for an X-rated flick. & it's dull. 


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