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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Mini Movie Review: Sabotage (2014) #badmovies


Hideous and mean-spirited action movie with abominable so-called protagonist lead characters. Every 5 seconds or mins the F-word is blurted out, dialogue is beyond horrible with curse words thrown in as the writer sees fit, when at times it is unnecessary. It's a poor attempt at being a mystery and cop action flick. This is a low for Schwarzenegger, who doesn't get to beat up the bad guys, but also for Terrence Howard, who I thought was a respectable actor who put in great turns in Hustle & Flow & The Best Man, but this sunk him to a new low - and if it didn't, it should have. Schwarzenegger's character got better as it went on, whilst the good guy female cop was all right, however. The group of DEA agents stash $10 million, which they were supposed to destroy and when they return, they discover it has gone missing. The members are then murdered one by one, with Arnie's character figuring out who is the traitor in his team. The main characters are so abrasive, their obnoxiousness is so overwhelming. The only joy I got out of this film is seeing each one of them die. Otherwise, this is utterly unmemorable. 

Is It Worth Watching?

For me, this wasn't. For Arnie completists, perhaps so, but it is arguably not worth it


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