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Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Mini Movie Review: The Dog Lover (2016) #badmovies

The Dog Lover

When I went into this film, I had the assumption that I would be getting an investigative drama about animal rights and abuse. Instead, this turns out to be a manipulative drama that gives people the impression all animal welfare agencies are conniving pieces of work. Its notable stars are James Remar, Lea Thompson and Sherry Stringfield, who was in the hit medical drama, ER. There is a scene where the male breeder strikes the dog - yet the writer chooses to distort it and make it look like an illusion, when on screen that moment was so despicable it was so obvious it appalled me. Yet he, along with his wife, has been miraculously let off the hook. Which actually I wasn't happy about. The most worrying thing about it is it may make people have doubts because it is evident that in watching this the makers have distorted the facts. In addition, I didn't like the tone that switched up until the end. The film concluded on what I consider to be a bad note. As well as the questionable script, the performances were, well, standard TV movie, straight to DVD fare. Of course, animals deserve to be treated with love and respect, but this felt like a propaganda film. So far removed it's unreal.

Is it worth watching?

Not worth any of your attention, especially if you are an animal lover


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