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Saturday, 21 April 2018

Mini Retro Review: Killer Looks (1994) #badmovies

Killer Looks
Erotic Thriller

TV rated this 1 star out of 4 in its review of this softcore Z-movie dud and watching this, I cannot say I disagree more. It's got a lesbian sex scene with two blondes and a man who has no objections to his wife making out with several men, as part of a game so he can get worked up. He finds out, acts like the outraged spouse then scares them off. When she brings home a new guy, the dopey hubby finds his marriage in jeopardy. In any other film, the husband, who catches his wife cheating multiple times with other guys, would ditch her and file for divorce. But this guy - he lets her do whatever she wants by screwing around, as long as they play by his rules and also the wife should have known better & to get rid of him when he tells her to go along with the plan. Not one single character, but for say, one couple, felt redeemable enough & they were dumb as bricks and were all as bad as each other & it sends out a terrible message in regards to cheating, despite the okay sex scenes. I did like the ending, however. Although when have erotic thrillers ever been about setting an example? 

Is It Worth Watching?

Probably for the sex scenes, if you are into that thing, but no


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