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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Movie Review: My Mother's Future Husband (2014)

My Mother's Future Husband
Cast: Lea Thompson, Matreya Fedor, Sebastian Spence, Chelsea Mae Leung, Jacob Tremblay 
Genre: TV Movie

Plot: A teenage daughter hatches a plan to fix her widowed mother with a guy (or three) to have some time away from their mother-daughter BFF time

'Same Old Rom-Com Fare The Likes You've Seen Millions Of Times Over, & Just As Forgettable'

A teen based/ Disney-fied - like dramedy that is in the vein of a romantic comedy in terms of its structure, My Mother's Future Husband is not entirely horrible... it's just trite and predictable.

Rene (Lea Thompson) is a widowed mother who receives secret matchmaking services from her teenage daughter, Headley and her best friend and of whom, in turn, set her up with a single dad, Andrew. Sparks fly and along the way Headley and Rene learn to deal with the pain in the past, and how to move on from that & look forward to the future.

Jacob Tremblay, who was in 2017's Wonder with Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson, plays the younger boy, Connor here and he didn't do or say much at all and for once, in a film, Lea Thompson doesn't over-emote, as much and nor does her performance grate on me. Honestly, these are the types of films she should be doing, as she is not cut out for anything else, in my personal opinion. It's harmless fluff, but stale and so-so and doesn't have much charm with a typical ending found in these types of films.

My Mother's Future Husband is a straight-To-DVD rom-com drama with a premise akin to The Parent Trap & in watching Thompson, she seems at ease, compared to most of the other films she has been in, and quite frankly, she should have been following in the same footsteps as Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston - had her movie career been far more prosperous. The teen scenes, however, were forgettable with some cringing singing and I didn't really pay attention to them & the religious themes I didn't care for. & some of the other music is also cringing to hear.

If you took a Hollywood rom-com, stripped away Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, the box office appeal and replaced them with TV movie actors & a low- budget feel and production values and made it more teen-friendly, this is what one would get in a film titled My Mother's Future Husband.

Final Verdict:

It's not completely dire, but at the same time, it's nothing that special. The low points are the corny singing, and alas, it's easily forgettable once you have seen a more superior and popular rom-com that did it way better than this film. My Mother's Future Husband is the McDonald's equivalent of a rom-com: cheap, quick to prepare, easy- to- digest and just as disposable.


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