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Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Mini Movie Review: 12 Rounds 2: Reloaded (2013) #badmovies

12 Rounds
Action Thriller

A paramedic is lured into a game of cat & mouse when he answers the call from a stranger who then threatens to kill his wife, if his demands are not met & that he fails to comply. 12 Rounds 2 is the direct- to- DVD follow up to the first film from WWE Studios that starred John Cena -only this time, it has fellow wrestler, Randy Orton playing the hero role. Sadly, Randy Orton lacks onscreen presence & charisma as a movie actor compared to Dwayne Johnson & his character lacks any distinctive traits, whatsoever, thus rendering him a blank slate. The other performances were below par. Lots of chasing around, there aren't many good fights or action scenes for an action film and the film is a bland affair. The first real action fight doesn't take place until 30 mins into the movie. 12 Rounds 2 is more of a SAW wannabe, yet it ends up being flat, uninteresting to the point the movie becomes incredulously tedious, lacking in thrills and with none of the characters registering onscreen, the action itself fails to make any resounding impact. With slow pacing and almost devoid of almost decent and solid action, after the 10-count, 12 Rounds 2 is down, & very much out.

Is It Worth Watching?

Unless you are a fan of Randy Orton, not really


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