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Sunday, 24 June 2018

Mini Retro Review: Molly (1999) #badmovies

Romantic Comedy-Drama

One of the biggest flops of the late 1990s, Molly was Elizabeth Shue's other attempt at being a dramatic actress after impressing in 1995's Leaving Las Vegas - yet it only amassed under $18,000 in the U.S. When the Chinese guy broke into 'Old McDonald', I sensed this wasn't going to be good - in fact, Molly was embarrassing, and I'm not talking about the character but the movie itself. This is supposed to be like Rain Man, right? Molly is the autistic-like sibling who is left in charge of looking after her brother, Buck - only to undergo an operation. Well, for starters though unlike Dustin Hoffman in that film, Shue's performance bordered on parody and is almost so inept that it made me wince. When she was angry, she was ranting. It was unnatural and it didn't feel genuine or authentic enough for me to fully buy her as an autistic person. She just couldn't pass off as being autistic. Molly is Rain Man meets Awakenings, but the tone is conflicting: it tries to be meaningful, but at the same time, some scenes are either just laughable or cringing, as they are straight-up bad. Aaron Eckhart was ok as the big brother and Thomas Jane as Sam looks awfully young. Its production values lean towards TV movie-direct-to-DVD fare and despite the theme, Molly doesn't attempt to challenge the viewer or make them think, along with an unengaging story. The only thing it made me do as I watched this, is wince & feel bored. 

Is It Worth Watching? 

For avid Elizabeth Shue fans only


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