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Thursday, 26 December 2013

My Favourite Arts #2 : The Art of Stanley Lau

Stanley Lau is one heck of an artist. Originally from Hong Kong but based in Singapore, he is an illustrator, digital artist, designer, concept artist, who has worked with the likes of DC Comics, Capcom, and other video game and comic book companies. He is also the co-founder of website Imaginary Friends studios, who supply artwork for those companies. 

His style successfully blends Western comic book art styles, as used in DC Comics, with an East Asian flavour, whilst emphasizing strong vibrant colours and demonstrating excellent line work. 

Lau's works have garnered so much attention, especially online where he has a DeviantArt account, and uses it to post his works on a regular basis. 

Pepper  Delivery 

Super Girl

Bat Girl

   Captain America 

Wonder Woman

Sue Richards/ The Invisible Woman

The Powerpuff Girls

Sakura of Streetfighter video game series

Cheetara of Thundercats

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