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Friday, 10 January 2014

My Favourite Artists #3: The Art Of Alvin Lee

Alvin Lee is a Canadian comic book artist & illustrator born in Windsor Ontario, known for his Manga style art. I wouldn't call it Anime, just an Asian comic book art style. His artwork style is a little reminiscent somewhat to Japanese artist, Bengus. Alvin currently works for Marvel Comics in the U.S.

Lee is currently the co-creator of Agent X alongside Gail Simone. He has worked with Marvel and DC Comics, Wildstorm productions, as well as Image comics under UDON. He left UDON during mid- 2007, after almost 6 years. Other companies he has worked for are Nike, Dark Horse Comics, Chinese sportswear manufacturer Li-Ning and Mattel to name but a couple.

Alvin is one of the very few North American comic book artists actively involved in Anime in comic books, video games and media today.

(Info via Wikipedia)



Hatsune Miku

League of Legends - Pool Party! by alvinlee on deviantART

C.VIPER - Photoshop WIP by alvinlee on deviantART

BASKETBALL - LI-NING ADVERT by alvinlee on deviantART

Star Wars Tales by UDON Crew of Alvin Lee and Arnold Tsang

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