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Saturday, 6 October 2018

Mini Retro Review: Shades of Gray (1997) #badmovies

Shades of Gray
Erotic Thriller

Before Fifty Shades of Grey entered the Hollywood fray, there was another movie titled Shades of Gray - only Gray is spelt with the vowel of 'A', as opposed to 'E'. A police sketch artist in Gray and a cop are a couple, but he seems to be getting cold feet when it comes to commitment. Gray is attacked and quits the force and goes back to her hometown & along the way falls in love with a new guy. Directed by erotic thriller sleaze connaisseur, Jag Mundhra, the film gets off to a good start, only to deteriorate later on as the mystery fails to ascend and the eroticism level is exceedingly low. The romance between Gray and her new boyfriend lacks chemistry and passion. The material is pretty bare bones stuff, but it also fails to generate any sort of impact & the acting ranges from so-so to unimpressive. Whilst it is a good thing that this is more plot-driven, the story itself loses steam, so much so I got tired of it that by the end of the movie, I didn't care. This so-called thriller was just too boring for words.

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