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Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Mini Retro Review: Survival Island (2005) #badmovies

Survival Island

Survival Island is one of those films that could have sprung out from those romantic novel books - only this isn't romantic in the slightest, but rather it was bad in every respect. It tries to be an erotic thriller, sort of like a thriller version of Castaway starring Tom Hanks, mixed in with Dead Calm, but this is conceived poorly (the gratuitous shots of Kelly Brook's body, breasts), the tension is sterile throughout and not the least bit convincing, characters (there are only 4, with 3 of them becoming a mainstay with the couple and love interest) are underdeveloped, terrible acting and the love triangle thing is botched completely. This is a typical straight-to-DVD dud. A rich couple becomes stranded, the wife develops feelings for a hunky Spanish guy, hubby gets jealous and tries to kill them. A plot reminiscent of Dead Calm; in fact, this tries to be Dead Calm but fails with Billy Zane playing the same role as the angry, evil bloke. I think what some people may find problematic is the fact that Kelly Brooks's Jennifer is a golddigger, who manages to manipulate both men & stringing them along, despite Zane's character being touted as the bad guy. & in the end, she gets away with it. As it went on, it became more ridiculous, especially with Brook playing the helpless damsel who couldn't defend herself, but shag Zane and the young Antonio Banderas- knock off Spanish hunk.

Is It Worth Watching?

Just for a laugh 


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