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Sunday, 3 February 2019

Mini Movie Review: Freezer (2014) #badmovies

Action Thriller

Bland, dreary and monotonous straight to DVD junk with now Z-movie actor, Dylan McDermott, who has been making a living during the last couple of years in a slate of forgettable low budget direct-to-DVD affairs. He plays a guy who gets locked up in a meat locker after he is mistaken for stealing $8 million or something and he gets beaten up by Russian goons. His character, Robert makes little to no attempt to escape and even being the lead character we are supposed to root for, he comes across as sarcastic and selfish. Dialogue drones on and on and barely anything exciting happens, and the entire movie takes place in a walk-in freezer,- which wouldn't have been so bad had the writers done something entertaining with this concept. Alas, this film left me cold.

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