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Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Mini Retro Review: Out Of Sync (1995) #badmovies

Out of Sync
Genre: Crime Drama

Shot in under 1 month for around $1.5 million, Out Of Sync tries to be a nitty-gritty, urban crime thriller, but with its straight to video values and barebones plot, with more effort put in, this would have been a certified cult hit. An ex-drug addict now DJ (played by LL Cool J) is forced to work undercover for a cop to get info on a drug pusher - only to fall for the pusher's girlfriend. After years behind the camera with the Fame TV series and The Cosby Show spin-off, A Different world, choreographer/actress/director Debbie Allen's feature film debut seeks to tell the story competently, but, even with the odd sex scenes, it still has a makeshift TV episode feel and with that, Out of Sync lacks any sense of style and excitement to ramp up interest. Allen, herself, also makes a short appearance as a manicurist, her husband Norm Nixon as a basketball player, as is Gene Anthony Ray, who co-starred with Debbie Allen on the TV show, Fame as one of the thugs with Sister Sister's Tim Reid as a cop. It's too lightweight, lacking in punch with action scenes few and far between and as much as it tries to be a serious drama, is just not convincing enough. 

Is It Worth Watching?

If you are into movies like this, possibly but I found this one to be dry


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