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Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Mini Retro Review: Mayor Cupcake (2011) #badmovies

Mayor Cupcake
Comedy Drama

Seeing the production values of this film and sitting through its tawdry story about a cupcake maker who is elected as mayor of her town and has to rely on her wits and charms to clean it up, it is obvious as to why this was destined for direct-to-DVD and TV movie status. There is nothing here that grabs me as the screenplay is both tepid and messy most of it will go over any person's head, especially those who are not into lower-tier fare as this. Performances are, for the most part, okay, such as Lea Thompson, but it's a pity that they had to settle for a story that became progressively dull as it went on. For a plot wherein the mother tries to be mayor, there is very little tension, interest and conflict to contend with - although given its non-theatrical status, the plotline exists - yet it doesn't make any dramatic inroads, whatsoever. It's just boring with an idea that deserves a far entertaining screenplay. The conception of the idea is poorly executed, making Mayor Cupcake not worth your time unless you are into bland dramas. Could only make it as far as 20 mins of this.

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