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Monday, 28 October 2019

Mini Retro Review: Half Past Dead 2 (2007) #badmovies

Half Past Dead 2

Half Past Dead 2 is the sequel to the first Half Past Dead film starring rapper Ja Rule, Steven Segal and Morris Chestnut. Like some direct-to-DVD sequels, oddly enough, it somehow warranted a follow-up movie of sorts that nobody really asked for, with wrestler Bill Goldberg in the Segal good guy role and rapper Kurrupt as the Black rapper cellmate who forms allegiances with Goldberg. Set in a male prison, it's Lockup, the Sly Stallone film with a smidge more action, but bland characters, blander setting and blander and sluggish action scenes. The acting is well, poor although that is due to the feeble script and writing, Goldberg looks miserable or p****d off most of the time and Kurrupt's character spends the majority of the time hiding behind big man Goldberg. All the other prison inmate characters are stereotypes you find in any other prison movie or movie with prison scenes (for instance, Tango & Cash). Pass.   

Is It Worth Watching?

Personally speaking, no 


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