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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Mini Retro Review: The Box (2007) #badmovies

The Box
Crime Thriller

Slow paced thriller, it feels like a waste of a potentially good premise. It has one of the lost boys from Hook, who is now grown up and playing a thug. Crooks invade a house, they bump off some people, two of the crooks have their own version of events & the cops have to figure out which one of them is telling the truth. The Box is nothing new we haven't seen before in millions of other crime thrillers. Yet there are too many sub-stories that when it gets to the climax, along with the plot twists, none of it makes sense. It's messy, too many F-words blurted and most of the time, it is bland and tedious. Gabrielle Union impresses, somewhat, Giancarlo Esposito of Do The Right Thing isn't bad, but the other performances are below par & the characters are unlikeable. A 96 min film that ought to have been condensed to 60 mins easily, it was, in truth, terrible. This box deserves to be unopened. 

Is It Worth Watching

No, not at all 


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