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Saturday, 14 July 2018

Mini Retro Review: Battle Queen 2020 (2001) #badmovies

Battle Queen 2020
Action Sci-Fi

Sci-fi actioner starring softcore porn actress, Julie Strain where she doesn't get to kill a lot of bad guys. It has a subplot that is out of Aliens with Strain's heroine character looking after some little girl, a bit like Ripley and Newt in that movie. Yet despite the poster, this movie is anything but exciting and action-packed. Rather it is a bore, at times melodramatic in this T&A filled Aliens wannabe Z-movie, minus the tension, thrills and the story is just not that exciting. Julie Strain looks like an action figure coming to life, martial artist actor Jeff Wincott gets to sleep with Strain but otherwise, he has practically nothing to do here but smoke a cigar and utter a few cheap lines of dialogue. Even worse, it lacks that other crucial element that most action films have, and that is fun.

Is It Worth Watching?

Only For Julie Strain completists 


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