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Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Mini Review: Red Line (2013) #badmovies

Red Line

Beats me how a little unknown Z-movie has a budget of $23 million with Z-movie actors. Then again, it bombed at the box office & only reclaiming $8 million in ticket sales. Its production values and hallmarks are that of a straight-to-DVD film: no huge special effects, writing is almost non-existent, no big-name actors to give it the quality it needs. I've seen some decent low budget action films, but Red Line is just not one of them. It's like part-Speed, part - Exit Speed (which I thought wasn't too shabby), only it is set on a train with all the exciting bits removed. Most of the movie is in Pitch Black and is far too melodramatic and weak for a so-called action film. If this had a decent script and far more recognisable actors, this would have been of benefit. But alas, Red Line remains a typical -yet asinine and forgettable Z-movie that is not worth it.

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