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Friday, 31 August 2018

Mini Retro Review: Freefall (1994) #badmovies


Originally scheduled for a theatrical release in the U.S, this is a low budget -like movie that was sent straight-to-video. A wildlife photographer, Katie (Pamela Gidley) is sent to a part of Africa on an assignment by her not- all-he- seems fiance (Jeff Fahey of The Lawnmower Man) - only to end up in Venezuela where she bumps into Grant (Eric Roberts), who is the good guy in this one with his shirt off. They have sex, she is drugged and finds herself in London, plus it turns out Roberts is an Interpol agent. Well, he claims to be one. After seeing the poster, I'd thought I'd get a Cliffhanger-type thriller.... instead it plays out as a dreary, melodramatic bland drama with splices of action. It reminds me of The Specialist with Sylvester Stallone and Sharon Stone, which Roberts himself, appeared in also. There is a guy with a terrible bleach blond hair-do, I was bored until the 30th minute when there was a twist in the story, but then it is back to being dreary again. But then it cranks up the action, which there wasn't enough of. Being a Londoner, It was nice to see parts of London; however, the story just wasn't adventurous or exciting as I'd anticipated and the mystery was lacking. Eric Roberts did what he could with the role, but compared to his famous sister, Julia, he lacks onscreen appeal and charisma and there was barely any chemistry between himself and Pamela Gidley. Not enough action and not enough adventure, Freefall is a film that is in freefall. 

Is It Worth Watching?

For die-hard Eric Roberts fans only


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