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Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Mini Retro Review: No Exit (1995) #badmovies

No Exit

aka Fatal Combat is a low- rent, Z-grade 90s version of The Running Man starring Arnold Schwarzenegger that also doubles up as The Most Dangerous Game, only with Jeff Wincott as a university professor who hates violence and who is kidnapped and made to take part in a violent and brutal TV game show, after his pregnant wife is attacked by some thugs and Wincott's character, John is thrown in jail and forced to fight several combatants. He plays against type as an intellectual academic, but he wasn't the least bit convincing and again, he is one-note & I can't fully buy as an actor. There are too few fight scenes which are also brief, too many talky scenes with insipid dialogue, a lack of entertaining violence, the plot is forgettable and the script lacks weight with performances that are pretty meh. It's so uninspired that if you have seen either or both of The Most Dangerous Game, The Running Man, then you'll get the gist of their similarity. Only this is even more anaemic and so watered down, unless you are a Jeff Wincott lover, one is better off with The Running Man. 

Is It Worth Watching?



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