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Thursday, 16 August 2018

Mini Retro Review: Open Fire (1994) #badmovies

Open Fire

Yet another Die Hard with formulaic action sequences and fight scenes that come across as routine, tired and seen all too many times before. Although given this is a low budget film, there wasn't much Kurt Anderson could do. The plot is the same as in Die Hard, only with such unmemorable protagonist and antagonist characters that include actors Patrick Kilpatrick (Best of the Best 2 & Death Warrant) & Brenda Swanson (Secret Games 3). The story moves at a snail's pace, which in turn, drained whatever energy was left in the movie. Despite uttering a few lines, Jeff Wincott still lacks charisma, as well as emoting less and that he doesn't have more going for him but his martial arts skills, though they are no more than decent at best. Otherwise, he's too bland for my tastes. The talky scenes felt flat with unengaging dialogue and the villains and cop characters remain wooden throughout. If Open Fire had a B-movie rival, it would be Deadly Outbreak starring Jeff Speakman - the only difference being this is inferior and has far less than impressive action sequences by comparison.

Is It Worth Watching?

Not really unless you are a fan of Jeff Speakman


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