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Friday, 10 August 2018

Mini Retro Review: Forbidden Games (1995) #badmovies

Forbidden Games
Erotic Thriller

A private investigator who is married and gets laid with several women is hired to investigate the death of a wealthy man. There is a silly plot device where he has psychic powers that allow him to subconsciously see clues in a case. There is a trite subplot with the ex-wife and Michael and the pair don't get back together. Bad music, the screenplay is derivative and shallow as it can get with nothing characters and the storylines get tangled up and messy. The mystery aspect fails to transpire and the climax towards the end is nonsensical. Sexual nudity, naked chicks, lesbian sex scenes, an ex-page 3 girl & Brit model, Gail Harris (formerly of Virtual Desire) is in this too.

Is It Worth Watching?

Probably for the sex scenes


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