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Saturday, 15 September 2018

Mini Movie Review: Britney Ever After (2017) #badmovies

Britney Ever After

Lifetime messed up with the Aaliyah biopic and a few years later, they messed up again with Britney Ever After, based on the life and times of a singer with none of the actors looking anything like the people they are supposed to portray, especially the actress as Britney Spears. She actually looks a tad more like Katherine Heigl than Britney on closer inspection. But for say the guy playing Justin Timberlake and he sort of sounds like him to, yet he also looks older than he is younger. Directed by Leslie Libman who brought you such classics as The X Team, Brave New World -, actually, classics is the wrong word, none of Britney's songs are in it or used, the Southern accents sound so exaggerated they were cringe & the music that is played during the Britney & Justin dance-off sounds too current and not from the 1990s. This is the worst music biopic based on a pop star I have seen and surpasses the Aaliyah one with cheap looking production values, plot inaccuracies and it makes a mockery of not only the singer but to her fans also. It's no wonder it wasn't authorised by Britney herself and people ripped it to shreds on Twitter. This will drive any die-hard fan 'crazy', and not in a good way. This is beyond horrendous.

Is It Worth Watching?

Skip it


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