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Friday, 28 September 2018

Mini Retro Review: Running Red (1999) #badmovies

Running Red

Jeff Speakman gets to drive a bus, fire a machine gun, gets to act more but the story just wasn't immersive. Running Red is like part - Arnold Schwarzenneger's Commando meets Red Heat, minus the buddy cop formula and fun. It even uses/steals footage from the latter film that is used in the bus chase here. Speakman's Russian character, Gregori is part of a hit team and his brother is killed. 13 years later, Gregori is now known as Greg and is settled in America (or be it Canada as it was filmed there) with a wife & child - only to be summoned to do one final job. I actually find this one so dull and whilst it makes a change to see Jeff Speakman in a more plot-driven film when it also plays down on his martial arts and Kenpo skills, the blandness of the story just killed my enthusiasm when I should be enjoying Running Red. Speakman gets to do a little more as Sergei besides beating villains up by firing a few guns, but the narrative was not only so overwhelming, it made the film a tedious chore. I enjoy watching him when he fights a great deal and he gets to dish out his one-two lightning-paced attacks, but his fights here lack energy and potency. Wooden characters and performances, unengaging plot, despite the high-speed chases being okay, not enough good action, I'd stick with his other efforts, The Perfect Weapon and Deadly Outbreak

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