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Monday, 24 September 2018

Mini Retro Review: Traces of Red (1992) #badmovies

Traces Of Red
Erotic Thriller

Starring the miscast Jim Belushi (known for comic roles), this Basic Instinct - wannabe was doing the rounds in 1992 for a short while until it disappeared in its entirety. Prostitutes and young women are slaughtered to death and a cop in Belushi is assigned to the case. Belushi looks slightly out of shape as the womanising cop and he has little, or be it none of the onscreen sensuality and sex appeal that someone like early Michael Douglas would be able to bring out, as well as pull off in a role such as this. Lorraine Braco's descent into B-movie status continued throughout the '90s and beyond, right after Goodfellas as the Sharon Stone-ish femme fatale, and unconvincing to boot by lacking sexual aggressiveness. Many of the bad guys are heavy big dudes in an attempt to curtail Belushi's own stocky stature, one wonders whether Traces of Red masquerades as a cinematic affair when it is really a straight-to-DVD erotic thriller and the low-level kind with a middling plot that hardly made much sense. The reveal of the killer was the only thing I liked as I couldn't stand that character, - but after that comes another stupid twist towards the end, which rendered the movie even dumber. As a cinematic offering, besides being as erotic as eating cookies, Traces of Red is mundane and cannot be taken seriously.

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