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Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Retro Review: Twin Sitters (1994)

Twin Sitters
Cast: Peter Paul, David Paul, Christian Cousins, Joseph Cousins, Rena Sofer, George Lazenby 
Genre: Family Comedy

Plot: An evil business executive is releasing dangerous toxins and two brothers, whilst overseeing the siblings belonging to a wealthy businessman, have to put a stop to his scheme

'These Set Of Twins Are A Kinda A Hit With Me'

My first Barbarian bros movie and one that is reminiscent of Mr Nanny with Hulk Hogan, Twin Sitters starring identical twins, Peter and David Paul as a pair of bodybuilding- looking siblings with long hair and who are reminiscent of '80s pop band, Linear (who had a hit with 'Sending All My Love') as David and Peter Falcone. 

Twin Sitters is a comedy movie that still thrives in being amusing and funny and proves it doesn't need to try hard to be amusing. The plot sees the beefy Barbarian bros as the Falcones, who are tired of waiting tables and in need of cash to open up their own restaurant. After getting the boot by their chef, they accept a business tycoon's offer to babysit a pair of twin boys and the first hour or so, it operates as a Home Alone - type film as the boys act mischievously. The Falcone's and young boys get into a host of silly situations and hijinks ensue. At the same time, a shady business executive hatches a plan to release a poisonous gas into the city. 

Watching Twin Sitters, I genuinely enjoyed this and the brothers themselves don't come across as being phoney. I do think that had the Falcone twins had the better promotion, marketing & better comedies, I could see them as comedy stars alongside the likes of Leslie Nielsen, Jim Carrey, Chris Farley in terms of their style of comedy. There is a uniqueness about them that you don't see in other comedy film stars and whilst some of the humour might go over some people's heads, the Falcone's brand of humour is one that can easily attract a particular audience.

One of the twin brat kids was in Kindergarten Cop, and he is so annoying and there is a scene where he and his brother play Super Mario World on the Super Nintendo. Twin Sitters is kind of on the similar lines to a Leslie Nielsen movie with added slapstick, though if you enjoy movies that don't take themselves seriously, then this will be for you. 

The clothes that the Barbarian bros wear are oh so nineties and they bring back memories and still, they manage to pull off that ridiculous look, which is amplified by their huge size.

Final Verdict:

Penned and directed by John Paragon (Pee Wee's Playhouse TV series), Twin Sitters is a lot like that series, and so if you are familiar with and enjoy that show, you'll probably like this as well. 

Acting is the least that one should expect from a low budget film, especially for a comedy. If you go in keeping your expectations low, but also you don't mind some silliness also, you'll be in for a good time. This film is the epitome of so bad it's good.


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