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Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Mini Retro Review: The Killing Machine (1994) #badmovies

The Killing Machine

Do not let the poster fool you - this is not the action-packed fest this movie wants you to believe it is. An ex-hitman is kidnapped and is turned into an assassin. He then develops feelings towards a woman who is supposedly one of his potential targets. The fight scenes are nothing you haven't seen before in any other Jeff Wincott and martial arts actioner, whilst the action, in general, is almost non-existent & verging on less than satisfying. The plot is similar to Universal Soldier, but is nowhere as fun and entertaining and is blandly conceived with mostly bad dialogue being spewed and most of the movie is in pitch Black. Like many of Wincott's flicks, but for say Martial Law 2 and Mission of Justice, The Killing Machine doesn't play to his strengths, nor does he display his martial arts abilities fully. There is not enough great action and is more of a thriller and so for martial arts action junkies, there are very little scenes in that department that would make this a worthy recommendation. For an action film, this is unbelievably boring.

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