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Monday, 28 January 2019

Mini Movie Review: & Then There Was You (2013) #badmovies

& Then There Was You 
Romantic Drama

The DVD cover of this movie is so misleading, it gives off the impression that this is a rom-com or romantic drama - yet it is anything but that. & Then There Was You is neither romantic or a rom-com. I tuned in for those reasons, and yet what I got was a rather sombre and poorly developed story, occasionally mean-spirited with underdeveloped characters. A man announces to his wife he is leaving her and that he is leading a secret life, the now former wife hits it off with a new guy, who has secrets of his own too. I like Garcelle Beauvais and whilst it is nice to see her in serious roles, I hate to say it but she just wasn't the right fit and I'd rather see her in a proper rom-com, much like with Gabrielle Union. This indie romantic drama is so lifeless, devoid of genuine romantic tension, the male and female leads in Beauvais and Brian J. White just can't generate enough chemistry together, no thanks to their underwritten roles which fails to emotionally connect with the viewer and the plot becomes so drawn out and too bleak and depressing, it loses its way after 10 mins. To make matters worse, some of the music in this film sounds out of place in certain scenes, the Black male characters are portrayed as liars, cheaters and White's so-called good charlatan turns out to be a dog. The White guy character was okay though. Surprising to learn this misleading movie being touted as romantic was directed by a woman.

Is It Worth Watching?

Sadly no


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