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Saturday, 19 January 2019

Mini Retro Review: Beautiful Joe (2000) #badmovies

Beautiful Joe
Romantic Drama

A romantic drama starring Billy Connolly and Sharon Stone, who by this point, her career took a further turn for the worst. A guy named Joe from Dublin is diagnosed with a brain tumour & finds his wife in bed with another man, she wants a divorce, Joe later meets up with a single mother, Hush (real name Alice) up in Louisville, who is also a scam artist. They bond together, Joe bonds with the kids and later falls for Hush. 2000's Beautiful Joe was noted for being the first Sharon Stone film not to be released in UK cinemas and U.S theaters. Ally McBeal's' Gill Bellows Southern accent and performance bordered on farcical as a stereotypical southern hick and it's a shame to think that an actress in Sharon Stone, who was once touted as a major star, ought to have had a better movie career than the one that she ended up with; since Total Recall and Basic Instinct, she's been in too many bombs, critical and commercial flops (remake of Gloria, Catwoman, The Specialist, Intersection to name but a few, although Sphere wasn't bad). Her character undergoes too many hairstyle & wig changes in one film and Beautiful Joe is a routine rom-drama without much in the way of romantic chemistry between Billy Connolly and Sharon Stone, nor of a driven story. Contrary to critics, this wasn't wholly unwatchable; however, in the right hands, this would have turned out far better.

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