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Thursday, 11 April 2019

Mini Retro Review: Criminal Passion (1994) #badmovies

Criminal Passion
Erotic Thriller

Joan Severance doesn't convince in this ill-fated & below mediocre and drab Basic Instinct - wannabe thriller, minus the Paul Verhoeven & Joe Eszterhas camp that goes with it. A gender- switch version of that film has Severance playing a female cop opposite a male actor as the Sharon Stone - suspect killer. Lack of good sex scenes, plot borders on non-existent, some of the music feels out of place in one scene, the film doesn't provide enough sufficient suspects and the story is a bore that doesn't entertain. There is also a brief appearance by Rachel Ticotin (Total Recall, Falling Down), who is generally a good actress, but here she's in a wasted role and for a so-called psychological/erotic thriller, story-wise it's just weak throughout. 

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