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Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Mini Retro Review: Phantom Racer (2009) #badmovies

Phantom Racer
Action Thriller

Greg Evigan (who impressed me in 1987's little known erotic thriller slasher, Stripped to Kill) is in this one and also acts as one of the executive producers for the film in this NASCAR- themed low budget thriller flick. After a NASCAR based incident, which cost the life of a driver, he comes back from the dead to settle a score with JJ Snr & an ex. Evigan's look here as JJ Snr reminds me of WWE's AJ Styles if he was in his mid to late '40s. Some of the make-up on the dead victims looks cheap and unconvincing, but as this is a cheaply produced flick, I can let that pass. It's a Z-movie knock-off of Christine/The Ambulance only with fewer thrills, which it could have had more of, there is a latter car scene which looks a little silly and the script is sub-par & needs more work, and yet, this is not a bad one also, I'd say. It's a shame the story is so dull. 

Is It Worth Watching?

If you enjoyed Christine and The Ambulance, this might be up your road


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