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Friday, 12 April 2019

Mini Retro Review: Exit (1996) #badmovies

Action Thriller

Die Hard set in a strip club - only mind-numbingly bland that descends into tedium as the plot drags on for far too long, to the point it becomes frustrating viewing, with no real surprises. After one of the bad guys shoot a guy who takes out a gun, the trio of villains take and hold the customers and strippers hostage. With a plot such as this & conceived by 3 writers no less, & the director of the film being a stuntman, it's a pity it turns out the film is hackneyed that heads in various directions, but not finding one outright payoff. Oddly enough, Whirry's character dons a SWAT outfit and then gets kidnapped. Some of the acting is comical, the male undercover cop character ought to been put to much better use (& I'd rather Whirry's character ended up with him, rather than her dopey boyfriend), but for Shannon Whirry fans, they will tune in for her body and skip the rest.

Is It Worth Watching?

For Shannon Whirry fans only 


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