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Monday, 21 October 2019

Mini Retro Review: On The Line (2001) #badmovies

On The Line
Romantic Comedy

The film was produced by Peter Abrams who gave us other rom-coms in She's All That, Serendipity and The Wedding Planner, but also turds in the sequel to Van Wilder and Old Dogs & stars two-fifths of boyband, NSYNC, Lance Bass and Joey Fatone. An ad agency exec meets a girl on the subway and he bonds with her... the rest, well if you have seen any other rom-com film, then On The Line follows the exact formula. On The Line's plot is a rehash of Serendipity, the covers are cringe-worthy and much like with Coyote Ugly, is a music-based drama that would have worked better as an R-rated offering. The script is weak, characters are non-existent as is the cast chemistry & as much as Lance Bass is a nice guy, he is not ideal as the leading man for a rom-com, and the film is straight out bland. A fluff movie with a romance that doesn't sparkle or convince and hardly any charisma seeping through, this is your typically bad & tedious rom-com. I was so bored seeing this. 

Is It Worth Watching?

If you are a boyband or NSYNC fan


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