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Friday, 26 January 2018

Mini Movie Review: Blinky Bill: The Movie (2015) #badmovies

Blinky Bill: The Movie
CGI Animated

Made in conjunction with Screen Australia & French animation studio StudioCANAL, Blinky Bill The Movie is based on the cartoon series and children's books by Yoham Gross and quite frankly, the makers have made what is a botch job. I used to watch the cartoon series when it aired on TV in the UK and the characters were great and well designed. But here, they look awful in CGI form. In fact, they look nothing like their TV series counterparts. Splodge the Kangeroo was taller in the cartoon, but here he is the same size as little Blinky. Didn't like Marcella the rat's voice here. & Why does young Blinky have a high voice? It's a shame and a travesty that they turned what is one of the iconic and well-known characters in Australian popular culture and entertainment and made a mockery of it. It has none of the charm of the cartoon series, nor integrity of the books & I feel as if I was watching a cheap animated animal film that wasn't Blinky Bill. & yet the truth of the matter was it is and was is Blinky Bill. Despite the names of Barry Humphries and Toni Collete, though some people may not expect much from a lesser known production company from Australia, for fans of Blinky Bill, this is still a kick in the teeth. 

Is It Worth Watching?

I'd rather watch the Blinky Bill cartoon series and the 1992 animated feature instead of this. This is nothing but a cheap cash-in.


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