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Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Mini Movie Review: Asian School Girls (2014) #badmovies

Asian School Girls

Asian American & Chinese American movies are few and far between: you have the great in Big Trouble In Little China and Wayne Wang's The Joy Luck Club.... and then you get dirge served on a plate, such as this. I understand that there needs to be more Asian-American representation in film to boost visibility and promote its filmmakers and actors and actresses. But Asian School Girls just isn't one of them. Whatsoever. And they hinder, rather than help its progress. It seems like the director and writer wanted to imitate Japanese shock movies in Battle Royale, for instance. Yet it doesn't work here. A group of females go to a nightclub, get drunk, are later raped by a group of men, dress s****y and they seek violent revenge. It's shot like a DTV film, it's cheaply- made, although they cut out the rape scene. It's pure schlock, the dialogue is bad with characters flinging curse words. This is not the future of Asian-American cinema and if actors and directors resort to going down the trashy Z-movie route, then there is little hope. 

Is It Worth Watching?

One of the lows in Asian-American cinema, the answer is no


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